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Tasha Garfield


I am originally from NY where I used to teach art to youth at risk elementary school children. Living in LA for many years I got my Design Communication Arts Degree from UCLA. My husband and I have been owners of the label company, California Label Products for 20 years. I am the Art Director. Among other things, we create trim for the garment industry, including woven and printed labels, hangtags, leather patches, metal buttons, and other novelty items. For samples of work and more info go to


I was the president of Redondo Beach Art Group (RBAG) from 2010-2012. I co chaired the Power of Art in 2011 and also co chaired an art show for the RBAG members in 2012 called Imagine. I have been coordinating the teaching of Hands On Art Projects to children from Richstone Family Center, a facility dedicated to preventing and treating child abuse. This has been a once a month project with artists from RBAG and Friends of Redondo Beach Arts for many years. I recently became a Public Art Commissioner for Redondo Beach and am excited to be a part of defining the artistic future of our city. These last few years as I spend a little less time at the office and running the art group, I have found more time to be creative. I devote that time to family and painting. My style is Mixed Media Collage and Acrylic. I am currently doing a series of ICONS. So far they are Elvis, Audrey and Marilyn.



Tasha Garfield





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