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Diana Antonini


I am Diana Gross Antonini.  I was the first of four children born to creative parents.  Although, they were in medicine both my mother and father were artistic.  We lived in Asheville, NC, which now has a thriving art community.  When we were young, my mother took up painting and my father dabbled in a little carving and painting. 

As a youth, I loved to draw and eventually did pencil drawings then pen and ink.  Some of my influences were 60's icons.

I love art, architecture and have a degree in design.  When I was in school for design, we learned very precise techniques for drafting and perspectives.  I became a stickler for exactness.  About ten years ago, I started painting mostly flowers and landscape. Then I was too busy with my work at Delta Air Lines to continue.

We moved to Southern California in 2011 and I started painting classes. The instructor was an abstract artist, and the first class I attended, I asked "what shall I paint" and she said "whatever you want".  I had no idea.  But that is how I started in abstract art.

I am drawn to rhythm, movement, balance and color.  I am, always, wanting to learn techniques.  I love to watch others work and draw inspiration from many artist's works.



Diana Gross Antonini




38Diana Antonini_Man in the Mirror
53Diana Antonini_Untitled
16Diana Antonini_Fog Light
73Diana Antonini_In-Flight
97Diana Antonini_Cover Up
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