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Don Goss


I have been photographing obscure orchid species under high magnification and producing 30" x 40" (or larger) imagery of the fascinating intricacies we often miss. The "Unseen Orchidaceae" is my first serious body of works.

A second body of work came from multiple years of experimentation. These "Combobulations" are of vibrant colors, other-worldly, unpredictable forms of fun.  

Both the series of Unseen Orchidaceae and Combobulations will continue to expand with a third body of work in the planning stage.

I'm very much a happy guy with a positive outlook however, like many of us, my nervous system is affected by the frenetic pace of life in today's society. It's my hope and intention that my work add some serenity, a story, a sense of fun and wonder to your life and environment.



artist >at< dongoss >dot< com

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Don Goss - Radiant Release
Don Goss - Chasing the Spark
Don Goss - Celestial Liberation
Don Goss - Phragmipedium Giganteam
Don Goss - Whiskers
Don Goss - Picotee Passion
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