Elke Goodno


Elke's Art


Hello art lovers, I create oil paintings that I call "JEWELS FOR YOUR WALLS". The colors are vibrant and full of life.


I experience joy and a real sense of accomplishment when I paint. Something that is often sorely lacking in modern life.

This joyous effort of creation makes me whole. Throughout this process I am full of anticipation and surprise. Holy ???? I made this!!!  


As my favorite German composer Ludwig van Beethoven expresses in his Ode to Joy:" Freude schoener Goetterfunken..... Joy, the sparks of the Gods." (Friedrich Schiller wrote the words for this choral.)

So I dobelieve that spark of Joy connects us all.
If you enjoy my paintings and wish to own one or more please contact me.


Dankeschoen, Elke










artist, acylics, painting, whimsical, bold, expressionist, abstract


Elke Goodno-Exotic Lady with Fringes

Elke Goodno-Lone Surfer

Elke Goodno-Lucia Mourning

Elke Goodno-Valdividian Coast

Elke Goodno-Storm Brewing

Elke Goodno-Ohahu Beach

Elke Goodno-In the Botanical Garden

Elke Goodno-Heimat am Rhein

Elke Goodno-Afternoon at the Aqauarium

Elke Goodno-Green Bananas

Elke Goodno-Girl on I-Pod

Elke Goodno-Boats in the Mist