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Dea Reinstead


Dea studied Fine Arts at Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome and Florence, and Decorative Design and Color Theory at Parsons School of Design in New York City.  

Part of her art reflects "the artist within", while another part is influenced by her design background.  Her preferred materials are acrylic paints and pastels on paper.  Dea's works have been printed on UNICEF cards, and displayed in galleries and showrooms in several countries.

She currently resides in the Los Angeles area while keeping close contact in New York and Italy.






Dea Reinstead-Wrap
Dea Reinstead-Time Cycles II
Dea Reinstead-Vagabondo
Dea Reinstead-Together
Dea Reinstead-Venture
Dea Reinstead-Ode to Monet
Dea Reinstead-Vivo
Dea Reinstead-Time Cycles I
Dea Reinstead-Star
Dea Reinstead-Simply Blue
Dea Reinstead-Rachel
Dea Reinstead-Rise
Dea Reinstead-Tenero
Dea Reinstead-Pirouette II
Dea Reinstead-Loaf
Dea Reinstead-Juicy
Dea Reinstead-Sprint
Dea Reinstead-Blend
Dea Reinstead-Miriam
Dea Reinstead-Pirouette I
Dea Reinstead-Havasu
Dea Reinstead-Interlace
Dea Reinstead-Float
Dea Reinstead-Black Apple
Dea Reinstead-Green
Dea Reinstead-Look Around
Dea Reinstead-Lantern
Dea Reinstead-Infuse
Dea Reinstead-Flavors
Dea Reinstead-Sumptuous
Dea Reinstead-Flo
Dea Reinstead-Luce
Dea Reinstead-Yesss
Dea Reinstead-Lighten Up
Dea Reinstead-Meditation-Archival Pigment Print
Dea Reinstead-Grasse
Dea Reinstead-Felicity
Dea Reinstead-Cocoon
Dea Reinstead-Diana
Dea Reinstead-Facile-Archival Pigment Print
Dea Reinstead-Circuit 6-
Dea Reinstead-Circuit 5
Dea Reinstead-Circuit 4
Dea Reinstead-Circuit 3
Dea Reinstead-Circuit 2
Dea Reinstead-Circuit 1
Dea Reinstead-Brian
Dea Reinstead-Breeze
Dea Reinstead-Bliss
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