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Isabel Fowler


A Brazilian Artist based in Los Angeles; Isabel Fowler is a Photographer and a Graphic Designer. 

Whether it’s a simple photograph or a photographic intervention, they are her self-expression - camera and computer are her tools.

The decision then, becomes to keep an original photo as is, or to add/exclude elements to an image composition. This process allows the photograph to enhance or supplement its reality, in order to reinforce the message in which the image conveys.

Photography is Isabel’s form of expression with endless creative possibilities.

Over the years, she's been involved in special art projects in both Sao Paulo and Los Angeles, as a form of therapy for the community. These projects include creative activities of all aspects of art.

She is also the Art Director of the Redondo Beach Art Group.






Social Media:


“Blue Web”
“Blue Web”
“Fresh Family”
“Mom and Me”
“Ocean Eye”
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