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“Nature” is my canvas.  I plant my colour palettes, relishing the delectable fruits in my landscapes, inebriating myself in the aroma of its herbs and flowers, sustaining myself with its deep ecology and its precious gift of high octane fuel for both body and spirit. This energetic source is funneled into creative bridge-building between art and science to both amalgamate and substantiate the mysteries of Life. As I cultivate the garden, so I cultivate imagination: as I selectively pull weeds in the garden, so the weeds from my mind to maintain the focus of what is to be created. I establish better living through the nurture of Nature! Nature guides me, to create a wholesome art, sometimes for sheer pleasure, and sometimes for practical  functionality. My goal is to establish the deep state of coherent resonance emanating  from, as Einstein would say, “the principal organizing force in the universe”. Life is Art, in the Now, there is no dress rehearsal!


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