Bob Francis


Past President (2015-2016)

of the Redondo Beach Art Group


A California native, I has been in the professional graphic design and advertising business for over 40 years, as an art director, graphic designer and creative director. What I've always known all these years is that I truly loves photography. I worked with many excellent and gifted photographers, together creating images for a variety of clients but always striving to transcend commercial photography and taking the work to a higher level….clients not withstanding. I've brought that design discipline to this personal work…. creating honest, compelling, and memorable images that hopefully surprise and delight.


Aging gracefully is a recurring theme in many of these images. The perfect flower, in all its perky glamour and exhibitionism, is a stunning thing, yet a flower past its prime is another state of grace. The elegance of decay can be most intriguing.






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Photography, fine art, pigment prints, floral, botanical, color