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Astrid Francis


I’m a non-representational painter. I do not have the desire to draw real life objects, unless they are represented in an abstract format. I prefer to express myself with color, texture and rhythm, in the hope that my composition is “suggesting” an object, which makes up an abstract painting. I consider painting an exercise, in which one is open to the unexpected, a surprise, if you will, driven by more than one decision as to what to keep and what not to keep. One could perceive this process as watching a child play, starting with an innocent stroke of a brush, leading to a process of becoming a creational exercise, driven by color and rhythm. This process may start out with the search for a feeling of direction and may end up with a totally different result than first anticipated. Here is the experience of surprise.




Astrid Francis





artist, acylics, painting, whimsical, bold, expressionist, abstract


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